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Kent Property Cleaning has years of experience, knowledge, and skill. Combined with our up-to-date cleaning tools and techniques will result in the best possible outcome. We’re confident that our cleaning services will leave you happy. With our friendly and helpful services, we’re glad to be able to assist you with whatever roof, patio, driveway, and gutter cleaning needs you may have. Contact us for more information.

Roof cleaned


Using the best roof cleaning methods, Kent Property Cleaning can safely clean hard-to-reach areas of your roof. We have kept up to date with roof cleaning technology, resulting in offering the best roof cleaning services at reasonable prices.


Roof cleaning is the process of efficiently cleaning and treating a roof that has been exposed to years of weather and has collected a variety of debris, mosses, lichen, mildew, dirt, stains, and other unwanted things such as fallen leaves and bird droppings. It also removes build-ups of soot, air pollution, and airborne exhaust fumes.

Different roof tiles and styles require tailored cleaning methods, so it’s always best to consult and hire a professional roof cleaning contractor.


Frequent inspections and cleans of your roof means that any damage or issues can be exposed and quickly dealt with before they become bigger problems. Unfortunately, organic substances such as algae, mould, mildew, and lichen, along with moss and fungi, can eventually settle on your roof tiles and slowly begin to eat away at slates and tiles. Removing these will prevent further harm to your roof tiles and applying the biocide will discourage these natural roof eaters from settling again in the future.

Man cleaning patio


Using a powerful pressure washer, we can easily remove large amounts of dirt from your patio and driveway in no time. Different attachments allow us to clean different types of patio and driveway paving, materials, and styles. Kent Property Cleaning can also efficiently uproot weeds and save hours of scraping away at just the tops. You can apply weed killer before or after the clean if you wish to keep the weeds away for even longer.


We can clean away most stains and dirt using cold water from our pressure washer, including oil stains from vehicles and cement stains. This method of patio and driveway cleaning is more environmentally friendly than using chemicals. This method is also much cheaper than having to use chemicals and biocides. However, chemicals are sometimes required to get rid of tough stains and achieve the best results, but we always make sure that we follow the correct safety guidelines and survey the area for plants and landscaping that could potentially be harmed during the clean, protecting them from the chemicals.

A cleared gutter


Over time, a lot of debris can build up in your gutters. This build-up prevents gutters from draining away water and can cause a range of issues. At Kent Property Cleaning, we can safely, easily, and quickly clean out your gutters from the safety of the ground.


To efficiently clean your gutters, we use a powerful commercial vacuum that can reach up to 50 feet (about 4 stories). We use the gutter vacuum to remove debris, dirt, moss, and leaves efficiently, and other foreign objects in your gutters normally left there by birds and animals. The gutter vacuum sucks it all up, and then we remove the waste from your property. Finally, we’ll run water through all your gutters to test for any leakages or blockages in your guttering and downpipes. If there are, it’s normally a straightforward job of repairing those leaks or fixing any other damage. This whole process is quick, efficient and thorough, but most importantly safe, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Although the gutters are a relatively small and seemingly insignificant part of a building, they actually play a vital role in keeping your property in good condition.